Yours Truly


Ethan Kastner

Ethan is an interdisciplinary artist working in ceramics and printmaking. His work is centered around community projects and dialogue in social situations. He is inspired by social justice, color combinations, and mark-making.

Kelsey Parks

Kelsey is a student of ceramics inspired by the intersection of death culture, food culture, and the American Midwest. She creates vessels and sculptures that explore these themes and create physical manifestations of lived experiences.

Taylor Bucki

Taylor graduated from UWM with a degree in studio arts- with a focus in ceramics and printmaking. Growing up in a small rural town, she has found inspiration in the small things that make the world new and exciting around her. Mainly working in ceramics, Taylor tries to create art that is playful and fun for both her and the viewer.

Mia Noel

Mia Noel grew up in Milwaukee and is committed to making it a better place for all. She graduated from Milwaukee High School of the Arts and Marlboro College in Vermont. She is a Sexuality Educator, doing outreach, programs and workshops around topics of sexuality and reproduction. Currently, she is focused on pottery, embroidery and keeping her many plants alive. Her art is functional, whimsical and both sex- and body-positive. Her other projects include Sex Ed for Adults and the No Stress Collective.


Aaron Zeleske

Aaron is a potter making functional pieces. He believes that in our culture of consumption, making things by hand is an overt act of resistance.


Brittany Mahlberg

Brittany is an interdisciplinary artist and training art therapist who is fascinated in the transformative power of the creative process and community. She is currently working on her MS in Art Therapy at Mount Mary University and has a BA in studio arts with a focus on ceramics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Brittany has volunteered at several non-profits throughout the Milwaukee area and has a passion and motivation towards assisting in bettering the Milwaukee community and individual’s lives within.

Meg Zimont

(Former) Meg is a designer, typographer, videographer and community artist with a BFA in Design & Visual Communications from the Peck School of the Arts. She's fascinated by the places where human nature meets design, and where art meets civic engagement. She finds inspiration in happy accidents, the intelligence of nature, and all those who question the rules.

Basha Harris

(Former) Basha received her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, and a Community Arts certificate from the Peck School of the Arts. She has been an educator and leader in various communities -- from student organizations, to directing at her childhood social justice-based summer camp. Inspired by growing up in a socially engaged family, Harris uses art as an agent in creating social change.

Yvette Sanchez

(Former) Yvette has a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from UW-Milwaukee. She commonly incorportates metal, fiber, stone, cement, and wood into her work, and emphasizes color to reflect the vibrant heritage of her native Mexican heritage. 

Olivia DeBaker

(Former) Olivia is a maker who explores manipulating textiles through printing, dying and re/constructing, resulting in wearable art, weavings, and sculpture. Her work displays fractions of memories and current environment through repeating patterns, layering and echoing of images.

Shawna Hays

(Former) Shawna is a digital and ceramic artist, focusing in creative designs, illustration, and abstract ceramic sculptures. In her ceramics, she works with the unpredictable glazing process of raku to compliment her recurring themes of identity and human nature.